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Dosage is the sugar content of the ‘liqueur d’expédition’. The amount of sugar that is added determines whether the sparkling wine can be labelled as brut nature (<3 g/L), extra brut (<6 g/L), brut (<12 g/L), extra sec (12-17 g/L), sec (17-32 g/L), demi-sec (32-50 g/L) or doux (> 50 g/L). A brut nature is a sparkling wine with no added sugar, while extra sugar is added to all other classifications. Nevertheless, these classifications are not very precise, because although these classifications have been established according to European guidelines (EC No. 607/2009), according to these same guidelines the classification on the label may deviate up to 3 g/L from the actual sugar content of the wine. An Extra-Sec with 14 g/L residual sugar can therefore also be called a (sweet) Brut, or a (dry) Sec.


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