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About WineScience

Welcome to WineScience!

Koen Klemann

WineScience is dedicated to bring current research in enology and viticulture to your attention. It is my goal to write two to three articles per month related to some aspect of wine. These articles will span academic wine science topics from genetics to vineyard management, soils, disease control, yeasts, vinification methods, and the (sensory) perception of wine. To maintain an overview I have place the articles in four categories: Wine Grape, Vineyard, Wine Cellar, and Wine Experience.

I am passionate about everything that has to do with enology and viticulture. For years I have read scientific peer reviewed-articles, blogs and all kind of beautiful stories about wine. I nevertheless had to study, and graduated in 2011 cum laude with a Masters degree in Molecular Life Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, followed by my PhD degree in Molecular Biology on the topic of Parkinson ’s disease in 2016. With this PhD graduation out of the way, I decided to take my home schooled “wine education” more seriously and started with a two-year evening course ‘Winegrower-Winemaker’ at SYNTRA in Hasselt (Belgium). In 2018 I graduated but I still felt that I missed some field experience. Therefore, to become better acquainted with the daily life on a vineyard, I have been working a day a week at a professional vineyard in the Netherlands since the beginning of 2018. Text book knowledge is one, but doing the work yourself is the real thing! With the blisters on my hands due to the secateurs, it soon became apparent that making wine is hard work (and that I have soft office hands). The work in the vineyard and wine cellar is nevertheless wonderful and I enjoy each day at the winery. My work in the vineyard also brought me into contact with the Association of Dutch Wine Producers (VNWP). Since the beginning of 2019 I work for this group of professional winemakers on projects to support winemaking in the Netherlands.

More educated than before, my search for wine knowledge continues (there is too much wine knowledge to learn in a lifetime). The world of viticulture and vinification is full of beautiful stories, history and traditions. But what are fables, and what has really been proven beyond doubt? Traditional methods have often been improved by trial and error for decades, if not centuries. But why do those methods work best? As a molecular biologist I quickly turn to the scientific literature to answer these and other questions (call it occupational deformation). Science still has many gaps to fill in wine knowledge, but the extensive knowledge that is already there should end up with winemakers, winemakers and other wine lovers. That is why I started with WineScience in 2018. On this website I report on my search for wine knowledge in the form of articles. Enjoy reading, and hopefully you will learn something new about wine, enology and viticulture, just like me!

Do you have a comment, suggestion, question, just want to say hello, or do you want to hire me for one of my services? Send a message via Twitter, LinkedIn, or the contact form.


Koen Klemann